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Dirty Scalp? Clean it up! With Olive Oil!

That’s right folks, you read that correctly, if you suffer from white little flakes cruising around in your do and chilling on your shoulders well here is a little DIY remedy that is easy on the wallet and great on the hair!

But let’s get real, the main reason I tried this DIY is I am a chronic sufferer of dandruff and shampoos and normal store bought remedies have not helped, in fact they leave my hair dry, brittle and my scalp the same.

So What you need:

EVOO ( Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
Lemon juice
Disposable gloves
Microwave safe Bowl
Paint Brush*
Clear wrap/Towel
*Paint brush is purely optional I used it for half my head then switched to my fingers for a better massage

Honey Bowl and EVOO

Step 1:  pour roughly 2 tbs of Honey to bowl then add 3 tbs of EVOO. Mix well with spoon

EVOO and Honey pre heat

Step 2: heat EVOO and honey mixture in microwave for roughly 15 seconds ( if your microwave is on high heat for less time if it is on low add more time)

mix well again once mixture is heated. Add 1/2 tbs of lemon juice to mixture stir well.

Gloves and lemon juice enter the equation!

Step 3: You’re gonna want the gloves now. Making sure the mixture isn’t too hot ( test on forearm before applying to scalp!) begin to section off hair to manageable parts using comb or fingers ( I used Fingers KISS right?!?). Begin massaging mixture into scalp making sure you target the areas of your scalp that are more dry, or worse then others ( for me it is right in the middle of my crown, back of neck and temple area) use all the mixture and thoroughly massage.

Painting on the mix

Step4: Once that is done pull out your handy dandy clear wrap ( or towel but I didn’t want to have to wash a towel soaked in honey EVOO and lemon juice…) and wrap your head, not only will this help with any drips, but it also will conduct the heat off your head and make a nice cocoon for the mix! let it sit for 30 minutes ( if your hair is super bad try 45 I don’t recommend going over that…)

waiting...30 minutes = good time to clean up! see it's clear!

Step5: Rinse! and Rinse again!
Lather twice to make sure you get all of the honey out. Then condition as you see fit. I only used a bit of conditioner on my ends and half way up my hair.

Step 6: Style hair as you normally would and marvel at the lack of flakes!

Flake Free! ( no photoshop!)

Some thoughts: Since I have medium length hair I put the ends up in a bun tied with hair band to keep out of way while waiting. If the rest of your hair is dry and brittle, well it works on that too, just pull through strands while massaging scalp and be amazed at the shiny locks when you wash! Also, be gentle when you massage, only use your tips of your fingers and palm, no nails no scraping! Be nice to your scalp!


Seriously, this has got to be the BEST my hair has felt without ANY product, or added shine via hair salon.

more hair shine!

Only a quick blow dry! shiny hair!

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2 thoughts on “Dirty Scalp? Clean it up! With Olive Oil!

  1. Cindy Burrell on said:

    How often do you do this?

    • I do this (depending on the season) bi-monthly! This winter I’ve had really bad dandruff so I did it once a week from about a month to help sooth my scalp.
      You can also try a coconut hair mask which is just coconut oil (looks like crisco) on the hair for 30 minutes w/o heat or 15 with heat and it works just as well, and smells a little better. If your scalp is inflamed from scratching or a sunburn try grinding up aspirin and mixing with water to form a paste then apply to problem areas. I do this one when I am in the shower since it can get a little messy and you only need to let it sit for a couple of minutes.

      These 3 have worked best for me, hope they work for you!

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