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Upstyling Restyling? Cool Styling!

So a friend that I met a couple of summers ago did this to shirts for people and I have ALWAYS wanted to try it and I finally have!

What you need:
Spray bottle
Cut out of shape

What you need!

Step 1:
Mix Bleach solution ( I did 1 cup water to 1/2 cup bleach but you can do 50/50) use a GLASS measuring cup NOT plastic, most people also use plastic measuring cups for food– glass won’t retain any of the bleach since it isn’t porous. Cut out whatever shape you want to do on your shirt ( I did a vintage bird since I think they are too cute!)

Yes Your measuring cup has to be THAT big!

Step 2: place shirt over cardboard and place cutout on shirt where you think it looks best ( I placed it several different spots before I decided) Once you have where you want it put tape on the back and stick it to the shirt ( double sided works but I just made a loop of tape and stuck to the shirt)

Before the Bleach!

Step 3: Begin spraying, I sprayed from above to evenly coat the shirt and not allow any bleach to seep through the sides of the cutout not firmly taped down, I waited about 2 minutes to see how light it was then did a second coat. ¬†I also spray around the edge so that I didn’t have a cardboard line on the shirt.

Spray away!

needs another coat!

Spraying around the edge

Step 4: Wash that bleach out! After you are done peel away your cutout and rinse! rinse until all the bleach is out ( you can smell when it is gone) I used a little hand soap also, it didn’t seem to have any effect on the design.

Peel and Reveal!

Sink-Cold water-5minutes

Step 5: Dry it– for however long it takes to dry.

Step 6: Wear it and make people jealous of your cute shirt ūüôā

Wearing that shirt!

this shirt was from target– I am probably going to do A LOT more of these for myself since I have a TON of plain black t’s ( theatre kid!). I also want to try doing it on a sweater or scarf.

–note this really only works on natural fibers (¬†cotton,¬†linen, or a cotton polyblend) any man made fibers normally are pretty color fast and won’t accept the bleach.

Hope you all try this one out!

**PSA** You all should be smarter than me and wear gloves and a mask when spraying bleach solution. if Bleach does come in contact with skin wash immediately with soap and water. if it gets in your eyes, RINSE and get yourself to an E.R.


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